How to defrag your computer Windows 10

The Snip & Sketch tool is incredibly easy to use and allows you to save, edit, and customize any screenshot you take. You’ll notice that your mouse cursor has changed to a crosshair of sorts. Simply click and drag the snipping tool over the area you’d like to capture.

  • So if your Snipping Tool is not working correctly, you can run the DISM command with the RestoreHealth option to see whether problems come from the system image.
  • If you are working with tabs, you can use the Ctrl + T keyboard shortcut to create a new tab, the Ctrl + W keyboard shortcut to close a tab, and the mouse’s middle button to close a tab.
  • Microsoft has also updated Notepad and rebranded the Groove media player.

If you want a better Blu-Ray media player, go for an Xbox One device or opt for a Blu-Ray ripper. Windows 11 happens to make it very difficult to install PowerDVD and easier to uninstall the program. Since this list is dealing with Windows programs, it’s recommended not to deal with Apple programs on Windows 10 and, especially, Windows 11 devices. These include Apple Software updates, Bonjour, Apple Mobile Device Support, and of course, iTunes. A lack of serious Windows updates in the last few years is damaging whatever compatibility there was before.

Method 4 of 4:Annotating, Saving, and Sharing the Snip

In order to read your book in order, you’re racing around the house because the pages are scattered all over. To you and me, a file on your disk is a single thing. Fragmentation is a side effect of normal disk usage, including file creation, growth, and deletion. He just asked the product group and published their answer, for which I thanked him immediately. He also translated the answer from dev English to human English, which most blog readers need desperately. Ok , it seems now the owner of this blog does not want to bother commenting on this unclosed topic anymore.

A screenshot of your currently active window will be copied to the clipboard, just as in the last section. Check out our ultimate guide to Windows keyboard shortcuts to see all the other cool things you can do with your keyboard. To share the snip as an email attachment, locate the ‘Send snip’ button and select the drop-down arrow adjacent to it. This will present two options of sending it as an email attachment. Select the drop-down arrow adjacent to the snipping mode and select ‘Window Snip’. A mouse pointer with a hand symbol will appear and all you need to do is to point to the menu you wish to capture.

You can make this scrolling “column” bigger; you can even make it fill the screen, as it did in Windows 8; or you can hide it completely. The “Start screen” takes over your world only as much as you want it to. As you drag the top or right edge of the Right Side of the Start menu, you see it snap to a larger size once you’ve moved your cursor far enough. You don’t have an infinite degree of freedom here; you can only double the width or, if you have one of those rare Samsung Billboard Monitors, maybe triple it. You can also adjust the height of the Start menu—by dragging the top edge.

Method 3 of 8:Taking a One-Window Screenshot

Press the “Windows” and “G” keys together, and the game bar should come up as an overlay on whatever you’re doing. If pressing this together doesn’t do anything on your Windows 10 or 11 device, you’d have to manually turn on the game bar. If you want to add a little trickery while taking your screenshots, or perhaps you want to look cool while doing it, the Xbox game bar should be your go-to. Primarily designed to screen record game clips on Windows PCs, the game bar was introduced with Windows 10, and it also comes preinstalled in Windows 11.

No matter why you need to take one, there are a lot of different ways to take a screenshot in Download AMD USB 3.0 Host Controller Drivers | Driver Download & Updates … Windows 11. But your screenshots will be saved in the Screenshots folder of your Pictures library on OneDrive. Hold down power button and then press the volume-down button to take a screenshot. The screenshot will be saved in the Screenshots folder under This PC. In addition to screenshots, the back tap can be set up to lock the phone, start the flashlight, read texts aloud, and other actions.

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